We have entered a new era of advocacy in the Cannabis industry. The CACDS organization will play an important role in working with local and state officials to shape this emerging industry. Our cooperation with political officials and the regulatory sector will insure a viable delivery business model.


We will work closely with political authorities, local and state regulators to address important issues. Our job is to insure the safety and well-being of the citizens at large and the patients who require cannabis products.

We will be a leader in necessary rules and safety implementation for our members. Memmbership will ensure that cannabis products are secure and properly tracked.

The local delivery service will provide a necessary service to patients with custom blended medication, follow-up alternative health care, low cost education that gives free medication, and critical delivery services to the neediest of our communities.


Our goal is that every delivery service join our organization. History has shown that a strong collective voice and presence has no equal. Being proactive now keeps you from being reactive later.

A strong member base insures a bright future!