Upfront Funding For Subscription Businesses

Providing immediate ROI by Instantly Converting MRR to ARR:
Get Paid 12 Months In Advance For Every New Monthly Subscriber you add
Get Funded

Hassle Free Growth Capital

Converting your monthly subscribers into annual subscribers is the perfect solution:
It’s a win for you and your company
  • 0 churn rate during user’s first year
  • Immediate cash flow
  • Immediate ROI
  • Scaling up before raising external capital
  • No need to give away equity and shares
  • No need to take on heavy liabilities

See how much can you get:

Get up to:

$ 1,080,000

Upfront. No fees, no interest, no equity, no loans.
Take your money. Do good.

How Does It Work

Our model is simple and transparent. We buy your new monthly subscribers’ first 12 payments and pay you their discounted annual subscription price, upfront. This money is not a liability, it’s not an equity investment, and it’s yours to use - even if these monthly clients unsubscribe.

Providing immediate ROI on your new subscribers

Liquidity was founded to help subscription companies deal with growth challenges by offering the cheapest, most efficient funding there is. We see you first.